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Whether you opt for corded or cordless, a headset can offer more benefits than just keeping your hands free

  • Some headsets can connect to multiple input devices. such as a PC and Phone. this can be handy if you can communicate from either 
  • many headset manufacturers offer Binaural headsets which cover both ears to help reduce the impact of environmental noise
  • some headsets offer noise cancelling technology, a secondary microphone on the boom faces away from you so any noise it captures can be extracted from the main microphone. meaning only your voice is amplified. not the loudmouth in the next cubicle
  • cordless headsets can be equipped with lifters, a little mechanical arm that lifts handpieces off the cradle to answer calls

Binaural vs Monaural

Binaural refers to the headset covering both ears, Monaural only covers one. There are positives to either which is why neither dominates the market. Monaural is cheaper due to less parts, and leaves your other ear open to external sound. Binaural is more expensive and how much more expensive is determined by if the second ear pad is also a speaker or just blocking external noise

In a call centre monaural would be preferred for both cost and to keep staff quiet, afterall if you block both ears and then talk, you will talk much louder. In noisy environments such as an office beside a busy main road, binaural would be preferred. A receptionist would use monaural so they can wear the headset while they greet walk-in clients, A personal assistant may wear a binaural headset for dictation.