Aristel Phone Systems

Initially sold as OMNI in Australia, they underwent a name change around 2000

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Aristel DV Series

The Digital Phone systems made by Aristel

Aristel AV Series

The Analogue Phone System made by Aristel

Aristel UF Series

The Original Analogue Systems made by OMNI

ARISTEL telephone systems

Our technicians of fully trained on these phone systems, we do not normally offer them as a new system,  but we can maintain and repair these systems. Aristel phone systems have had a long history in Australia  and are at the cheaper end of the market but reliable.

However should yours be playing up we highly recommend Hybrex as a replacement system

In the distant past there was Hybrex, a split happened and some engineers left to form Aristel. This means your existing Aristel and a new hybrex are extremely similar in operation. however hybrex sadly  doesn't offer the calculator function.

Should you be in this situation check out the Hybrex Specials, If none of those fits your situation just call us and we can tailor a better fit for you.

Aristel/Omni Services

  • we can sell new AV and DV phone systems
  • we can maintain existing UF, AV and DV systems
  • we can supply and install New AV and DV handsets
  • We can Supply secondhand UF, AV and DV phone systems and parts
  • We can supply secondhand UF, AV and DV Handsets