Phone System Faults & Repairs

Phone System Faults & Repairs Brisbane and Gold Coast

Repairs & Fault Finding on your existing Phone System/NBN/ADSL

we can repair and fault find on most phone system from the early commander systems to the later phone system including VoIP phone system and IP Phone systems with IP Stations.

Phone System Line Faults and Repairs

Line Faults can occur on line before the main distribution frame which will be either a carrier fault or exchange fault these would need to be reported to your carrier.  If your carrier tells you your line fault is after the main distribution frame will need to be looked at by our technician.  Our Technician can fault find and repair any fault after the main distribution frame.

ADSL or NBN Faults and Repairs

ADSL/NBN Faults can be either a exchange fault or line fault both of which need to be reported to ISP or carrier. Our Technicians can fault find and repair all ADSL/NBN faults, most of which seem to be related to ADSL/NBN Filters or ADSL/DSL Spliters.  unfiltered security systems account for alot of faults as well, these will need to have ADSL/NBN filters installed.

Line Faults and Repairs

Line faults or noisy lines.  If your line is noisy it may be a line fault before the main distribution frame or after the main distribution frame.  The main distribution frame in a house is the first socket, the carrier is responsible to this point.  Faults before the main distribution frame are the carrier or exchange faults.  faults after the main distribution frame with in the building are the responsibility of the owner of the property.  Our Technicians can fault find and repair any faults with in your property.

Data/Network Point Not Working

If your Data/Network point is not working this maybe a cable fault or a faulty Data/Network socket.  If you have multiple data points in your office or home and only one is not working then check all patch leads and look to see if the lights on your pc or switch, If they are lit then this maybe a configuration problem on your pc or laptop.  If all your Network points are not working check to see if your ADSL/NBN Router is working correctly, is there a sync light on the router and they should normally be lit and steady glow.  If the router sync light is not on there maybe a problem with your ADSL/NBN filters, ADSL/NBN splitters or possibly a line fault with your carrier. Our technician can fault find and repair all faults on Network Data points, ADSL/NBN Faults including router and switch faults.  

NBN internal Faults and repairs

If you have been connected to the NBN and you are still experiencing slow speeds due to cabling issues within your premises we can help you rectify these issues please contact us

NBN phone line faults and repairs

We can test phone lines connected to the NBN using sip trunks or analogue telephone adapters.

Fault finding on your existing phone systems

If your having trouble with existing phone system call us, we can service and repair most of the older Phone Systems and also the newer phone system models.  Some of the common faults your may have and require a phone system repair technician are:

  • You can hear your customer but your customer can not hear you
  • In the middle of a call and the line drops out
  • Crackling on all your extensions in your office
  • On the older phone systems, if you require to change the names on Displays
  • If you require your extensions to ring or not to ring on incoming calls *Ring Groups
  • Relocation of Extensions
  • Phone System Voice Mail Issues and Programming
  • No Dial Tone when your press line key
  • You try to make a internal call and it wont connect to other extension
  • You have just had ADSL put on to one of your auxillary lines and now the line is not working
  • Customers have reported they have been calling and the line just rang out
  • No lights or display on any of your extensions after a power outage
  • One of your extensions all the light flash on and then the phone goes through restart process

These are just a few common faults, if you phone system has a fault your not sure if you require a technician call us and we will do our best to help you fix the problem over the phone, if it requires a phone technician we can book you in for a service call.

Our guarantee is fast and efficient service with qualified technicians.