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You could pay Licensing fees to APRA, or you could sell your own products

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Music On Hold

Firstly, playing free to air radio as your Music on Hold is a ©opyright infringment

It's not a scare tactic, you can't play commercial music as your on hold music. A group known as APRA are in charge of preventing that. In fact they have been since the 1920's. well not for phone systems but they existed to prevent other public broadcasts of copyrighted music.

So when phone systems started offering the function, APRA started billing people for it.

However with technology where it is, royalty free music and a music on hold player can clear your copyright issues right up. load the player up with royalty free tracks and your set.

Conversely get yourself a sell on hold greeting made up and make your phonesystem into a sales person. instead of letting your clients hear about your competitions newest offer from the radio you shouldn't use



The MOHPlayer is similar to most of the sell on hold units except that it comes with a customisable message. simply take your usb stick to a nearby computer, access their website and start building a custom on hold message using the supplied tracks.

OR, get their artists to record custom tracks for you for a price.

Once your done, plug the USB stick into the player and away you go.