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  • Absolute Phone and Data can handle all your network data cabling requirements. 
  • Setting up a new office and need a total office fit out
  • Data cabling and Phone System Cabling.
  • ADSL Cabling
  • NBN Cabling
  • New Phone System.
  • New NBN phone Systems
  • Connect your existing system to NBN
  • your existing office is in need of a revamp.
  • Has your business out grown your existing cabling?

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MDF Jumpering

ACMA qualified experienced cabling technicians can connect new phone, ADSL, NBN* services from building's MDF (Main Distribution Frame) through to office, unit, suite, warehouse or factory.  Service Providers are legally responsible for connecting new services to the 'A' side of MDF and will tag and or provide MDF cable pair details which are required so that the MDF jumpering can be done to existing cabling leading back to business premises.  Once MDF jumpering is completed, our technicians will test services are working.

*dependent on type of NBN connected

Let our cabling specialists take care of all your phone and data cabling needs.

  • Data Point Cabling
  • Phone Line Cabling
  • ADSL Point Cabling
  • NBN phone systems
  • NBN faults
  • Connect your existing phone system to NBN
  • Network Point Cabling
  • EFTPOS Point Cabling
  • Fax Point Cabling
  • Security Mode 3 Socket Cabling,
  • Power Fail Socket Cabling,
  • Relocation of existing Data and Phone Cabling,
  • Structured Cabling, Cat5e Cabling, Cat6 Cabling,
  • Underground Cabling both Phone and Data Aerial Cabling.


If you are having issues with crackling phone lines, noisy phone lines or  calls dropping out, we can assist in identifying the issue. Our technicians are fully ACMA registered telecommunications cablers and can  handle fault finding lines and cabling to resolve any line related issues. 

If your MDF is in need of a  upgrade due to the corrosion  of terminals within, we can  upgrade to a modular modern  style MDF. our acma registered telecommunications contractors will do their utmost  to minimise your downtime

we can supply and install additional  Data Cabinets, patch panels and new  patch leads. 

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Connect your existing phone system to the NBN network