Absolute Phone & Data Brisbane servicing Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast

Absolute Phone & Data offer a range of business phone systems suitable for home, small business right through to corporate and hospitality. As a dealer of Hybrex Phone Systems,NEC Phone System and LG Phone Phone System we have installed and maintained these reliable telephone systems for over 25 years, all Hybrex Phone Systems come with a generous 3 year manufacturer's warranty. 

Absolute Phone & Data have been installing, maintaining, and relocating phone systems throughout South East Queensland including Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas.  Our service area covers Tweed Heads, Bribie Island, Ipswich and Caboolture.  Established for over 25 years, our experienced staff can help you with your communication needs.  Not only do we supply Hybrex Phone Systems, we also supply and install NEC Phone Systems, and iPECS Phone Systems, all custom tailored to your business communication requirements.  Keep in mind that all our phone systems are NBN compatible with latest available technology allowing you to keep one step ahead with your business communications.

Absolute Phone & Data only employs experienced ACMA registered licensed cablers. Our technicians have years of experience targeting faults and repairs on phone lines, along with their cabling expertise they also install and maintain your phone system, we have you covered. Contact us if your phone system is not working, have a cabling fault, require a new phone point, data point, security point and more.  Using the latest technology we can locate, repair and report on telephone line faults, ADSL Faults and Data/Network Cabling faults.  We are experienced in the service and repair of  both new and old Telephone Phone Systems.   

Looking to upgrade your Telephone System? Worried that it might be too old for NBN? Don’t spend good money keeping an older phone system that is obsolete, costs more to maintain while parts become scarcer. Contact us for a quote on replacing your old telephone system, with plenty of payment options available, you can purchase outright, rent or lease.  As always check which payment option is the best fit for your business, your accountant should be able to advise.

Hybrex G1e+, hybrex AH99, Hybrex DK7, Hybrex DK6, Hybrex ACP40, Hybrex DK9

Cabling, We have registered ACMA cablers capable of structured and open cabling.  We can connect phone lines, Check ADSL faults, Replace faulty cabling even install tone ringers, loud bells and PA systems.

Internet, We can test ADSL services using battery operated DSL testers allowing us to verify dsl statistics quickly and easily at multiple points. using this method we can ascertain where a fault lies within a property or confirm that the faul lies with the Carrier.

Phone Accesories, we offer a range or products including Headsets, loud ringers, pa systems, access control phones, Security cameras and Music on Hold players.

VoIP, We've been installing VoIP lines for as long as Australian internet has been reliable enough to support them. Our entire office is using VoIP  phone lines and handsets. VoIP is cost effective and High Quality when configured correctly

We can also help you with connecting  the NBN to your existing phone system or telephone cabling within your Office or Home

Looking for a NEW Phone System?

there are many options available so make sure you choose a phone system that will suit your needs. most phone systems offer the same basic functionality but some of the IP and cloud based systems have different ideas on what is basic functionality.

Some Cloud systems struggle with the more basic functions like transferring calls while others have excessive ongoing contract fees. Do your research and be wary of any advertising that doesn't specify what handsets you'll be getting for how much. Many of these handsets can be bought outright for a tenth of the contract prices.

On Site Phone systems are often times the cheaper alternative with a slightly higher upfront cost but a much lower ongoing cost. We at Absolute Phone and Data can provide you with advice on what best suits your needs as well as a quote for a system that can meet those needs. 


Important notice IP and sip trunk hacking


It has been brought to our attention that some customers using VoIP lines or sip trunks may be at risk of being hacked and accumulating large bills for overseas calls.   It is important that all customers take some precautions particularly on remote IP extensions by closing external ports. 

If VoIP / SIP services are being used for off site remote extensions strongly advise locking down remote sites to specific static IP addresses which should be done via your IT people. It is advised to increase the security on your usernames and passwords on IP extensions. 

We can bar overseas calls to all extensions on your phone system  and if you are with engin, please send them an email requesting blocking of international calls and this should be done particularly if you’re not making international calls as part of your day-to-day business.

Important notice IP and sip trunk hacking

If your VoIP / SIP carrier is not engin we suggest contacting your provider to block International calls, if you do make international calls as part of your business and these are to consistant numbers you can request that these numbers be allowed but all others blocked.  This should minimise any risk of hacking and large VoIP bills

If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself, Ian Galloway on 07 3333 1723 or via email absolutephone@gmail.com