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Hybrex has been making Phone systems, and nothing else, for very long time. They continue to evolve over time and will keep doing so

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Is my business phone system NBN compatible?

Despite what some companies may tell you, HYBREX Phone Systems are 100% NBN compatible.

The Hybrex range of phone systems offer functionality and benefits found in other familiar brands like  Commander,  CISCO,  NEC and Panasonic phone systems.  Hybrex offers the latest features without the price tag charged for the name brands.  Hybrex telephone systems are sold worldwide under different badge names, and they are  continually researching and developing to keep their product in sync with the latest technologies. With the arrival of NBN throughout Australia, IP Phone Systems are a part of the evolving technology of communications.  Hybrex IP Phone Systems are exceptional value and will be an integral part of your business communication handling. No matter how your phone lines are delivered via the nbn, Hybrex is completely compatible

Offering great value, great product and a generous three year manufacturers warranty, Hybrex IP Telephone Systems deserve serious consideration when looking to purchase your next phone system.

For More Information on Hybrex Phone Systems try www.hybrex.com.au

Hybrex phones, dk2, dk3, dk6, dk7, dk9

Hybrex Dk8-21 Phone      Hybrex DK8-31  Phone      Hybrex DK-6  Phone     Hybrex DK-7 Phone     Hybrex DK-9 Phone

Hybrex PBX

Hybrex NBN compatible

Hybrex telephone systems are all NBN compatible and  have been sold in Australia for decades, beginning with the Hybrex AX series, the Hybrex BX series and with the current Hybrex GDS series systems they have continued to evolve with the market. Hybrex occupies a niche of powerful features, ease of use and low costs which makes it perfect for the small business or home office, yet keeps the phone system within the power demands of medium to large businesses.

HYBREX phone systems will run on the NBN utilising VoIP Lines and sip trunks with a huge cost saving On your current phone bill. If your business moves, the phone number and phone system can move with you, without any need to change phone numbers.


Tax Relief Scheme

Looking to get yourself a phone system off the back of the recently introduced small business tax relief scheme? We can set you up with numerous phone system combinations all well under $20,000. Brand new systems from Hybrex, NEC or Mocet that have all the latest technologies, excellent reliability and at reasonable prices.

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Hybrex GDS Phone System

Hybrex NBN compatible PBX

The  Hybrex G1E can be upgraded to become a Hybrex GDS which enhances its functionality tremendously, the numbering system becomes completely open and new features become available. we can remap nearly any function code. we are always finding new features and options in every firmware upgrade. so despite GDS's first arriving around 2003 they are still being updated for modern features.

Hybrex G1e+ Phone System

NBN compatible PBX

The Hybrex G1e+ is the most recent small to medium business  Phone System from Hybrex. The Hybrex G1e+ can support upto 28 phones and upto 12 lines. It can support VoIP phone lines and Voip stations. The Hybrex G1e+ is capable with  most Small office and Home office situations and suitable for all NBN connection


Hybrex Phone Systems Faults and repairs

Do you already have a Hybrex Phone system that needs maintenance or repairs? we have been a hybrex dealer since 2002 and were installing their Phone System  prior to that. We have seen most every fault a digital hybrex can have and have installed thousands of new Hybrex phone systems.

If you have used a different installer than us, as a  genuine hybrex dealers we can maintain any hybrex telephone system without impacting on it's 3 year warranty. our many years of servicing hybrex phone systems allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose faults.

We can maintain all Hybrex phone system models we carry spares parts for  most Hybrex Phone Systems, for superceded hardware we can acquire new or used parts where available

We can make programming changes to all hybrex models past and present.

Remember HYBREX phone systems are NBN compatible

Hybrex services we offer

  • We can sell and install New Hybrex G1e+ and GDS phone systems
  • We can maintain Hybrex AX, BX, G1, G2, G1e, G1e+ and GDS systems
  • We can expand with new Hybrex parts G1e, G1e+ and GDS systems
  • We can supply and install new Hybrex DK2, DK3, DK6, DK7 and DK9 handsets
  • We can supply and install new Hybrex Digital Door stations
  • We can supply and install new Hybrex analogue doorphones
  • WE can supply and install new Hybrex Access Control Phones
  • We can supply and install used phones or parts in many situations but these parts aren't common