Cabling for Phones, ADSL, Structured Cabling, PA Systems, IP security cameras and Wifi. If it's for on site communications, we can do it.

Business cabling, Home cabling, phone point, data point

We have ACMA registered cablers for Open Cabling, Aerial Cabling, Underground Cabling and Structured Cabling.

which doesn't mean much to people outside of the industry

what that allows us to do is:

  • Jumper phone lines
  • Install loop cabling
  • Install computer cabling
  • Install phone cabling
  • Install phone points
  • Install adsl points
  • Run overhead cables between buildings
  • Run underground cables between buildings

It also means anything you're sufficiently experienced enough at doing new, you can fix.


NBN Connection to existing cabling, Opticomm connection to existing cabling

NBN Connection 1,2 and 3

There are 3 stages to getting Fibre to the premises.

Stage 1:

is NBNco or Opticomm connecting the external cabling. this will be a preterminated glass fibre that will terminate into an exterior mounted box. a second cable from this box will then move into the premises and terminate at what is called an ONT. this ONT requires power. since glass does not transmit electricty

Stage 2:

you'll need an RSP for any services you require. An Opticomm ONT will supply free to air tv and fm radio with no further costs, but if you need a phone line or internet connection on either fibre service you will require a Retail Service Provider. The RSP handles your billing and ultimately what level of services you receive

This can be arranged as soon as your booking for the fibre connection is confirmed. it's recommended to get onto this step as soon as possible. if it's left too long you will find yourself with a fibre connection but no available services.

Stage 3:

Not usually likely in Opticomm areas since the premises are built for opticomm setups, but once your Fibre and RSP are connected you will need to connect your phone and internet services into the phone and data cabling.

You'll require ACMA registered Open Cablers for phone, and Structured Cablers for data. on Opticomm you may also require Coaxial endorsed cablers for the TV, Foxtel and FM Radio connections.

Brownfield NBN installations (the existing premises that had copper) will generally need more work to make the new setup compliant. Existing complications such as multiple carrier lead-ins or houses too large for integrated wifi networks will mean your premises might require less common solutions. Due to the complexity of private residences we do not give Quotes.