LG Phone Systems

Life's good, whether that's really what LG stands for or not, LG has made quite a few Phone systems.

LG Aria Phone System

Tax Relief Scheme

Looking to get yourself a phone system off the back of the recently introduced small business tax relief scheme? We can set you up with numerous phone system combinations all well under $20,000. Brand new systems from Hybrex or NEC that have all the latest technologies, excellent reliability and at reasonable prices.

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EMG 80 Telephone System

LG Aria 24IP Telephone System

LG Aria 34E  Telephone System

LG Aria 20    Telephone System

LG Aria 16    Telephone System

Aria 100 130 Telephone System

Commonly sold by the Telstra shops we are capable of maintaining and installing these phone systems but have not sold  them new, we can source replacement components should they play up and due to Telstra's popularity these systems are reasonably common. due to contractual sales by telstra they end up in the secondhand market pretty easily.


No lock in contracts

we do not sell phone systems with any contracts you are free to move your phone lines to any carrier and with no maintenance contract you will not incur monthly fee’s for unnecessary maintenance if your system goes wrong you simply pay us to come out and fix it