Commander Phone Systems

Originally A branch of Telecom focused on Phone Systems, when Telstra was initially Privatised, Commander became a separate company. Today a company named Commander still exists, but the Systems sold over the years have little to do with them.

Absolute Phone and Data Phone Systems Commander Phone Systems

Tax Relief Scheme

Looking to get yourself a phone system off the back of the recently introduced small business tax relief scheme? We can set you up with numerous phone system combinations all well under $20,000. Brand new systems from Hybrex, NEC  that have all the latest technologies, excellent reliability and at reasonable prices.

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Commander Phone System are NBN compatible in most cases

Commander Phone systems have been sold in Australia for decades, few people realise the name commander is simply a branding but this is the case. Brands such as Mitel, Nitsuko, Siemens, NEC, they've all shared the name Commander.

We can service and repair most Commander phone system's

If you have a problem with your existing Commander Phone System our qualified Commander Telephone Technicians can help you,we are  experienced in most Commander Phone System, ranging from the early Commander T’s and Commander S phone  systems to the later Commander NT, Commander Vision and Commander Connect just to mention a few.  We offer experience in fault finding, repair and are able to maintain this vast range of Commander Phone Systems.

Commander Phone system Used Parts 

If we don't have the commander part your looking for we can probably find it for you we have been Installing and maintaining Commander phone System for over 30 years and have a huge range of secondhand Commander System parts available


Commander T 105 Phone System and Commander Stations

Commander T 105 Line and phones

Commander T 210 Phone System and Commander phones

Commander E 208 Phone System and  Commander Phones 

Commander E 308 Phone System and Commander Phones

Commander E 316 Phone System and Commander Phones

Commander E 616 Phone System and Commander Phones

Commander AN 616 Phone System and Commander phones

Commander AN 616 phone System and Commaner AN Display Phone

Commander N308- N 616 N1236 Phone system and Commander Phone and Cards

Commander S 206 and 408 and Commader Phone System

Commander S 207-S416-s 620  and Commader Phone system

Commander BN308 BN 125 BN 1223 cards and Commander phones system

Commander N 308 and cards and Commander Phones

Commander N 616 and Commander Phone System

Commander Connect phone  System,cards and Commander  Phones

Commander Vision phone Systems,cards and Commander phones

Commander Elie Phone System and Commander Phones

Commander NT Phone System and Commander phones


All of these Older Commander phones system will work on the NBN

We service Commander phone system's in Brisbane and surrounding areas

We service Commander phone system's on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas




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Just bear in mind your old commander phone system is probably NBN compatible and may not need to be upgraded if the NBN comes your way