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Tax Relief Scheme

Looking to get yourself a phone system off the back of the recently introduced small business tax relief scheme? We can set you up with numerous phone system combinations all well under $20,000. Brand new systems from Hybrex or NEC that have all the latest technologies, excellent reliability and at reasonable prices.

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Panasonic NCP-500 & NCP-1000

The NCP series of panasonic phone systems are designed to be rack mounted, while they have replaced the older model TDA phone systems they are largely the same in how they operate.  The NCP 500 and NCP 1000 also have integrated VoIP support.

Panasonic TDA-100

Bridging the gap between the TDA-30 and the TDA-200 lies the TDA-100. It has slightly more capacity and flexibility than a TDA-30, While being less expensive and offering some cross compatibility with the TDA-200 making the transition between one and the other more financially acceptable.

Panasonic TDA-30

Perfect for the home office or small to medium business, the TDA-30 can support upto 12 lines  and upto 24 extensions. it's compatible with Phones from the previous generation of Phone system too.

Panasonic TD-1232

The Biggest panasonic of it's generation, it was capable of upto 12 lines and 32 extensions, it was also capable of linking to another 1232 to expand it's capabilities. The TD1232 also shared expansion cards with it's smaller sibling the TD-816 which has made the secondhand parts market much less exclusive.

Panasonic TD-816

Much like it's bigger brother the TD-1232 in everything bar capacity, the TD-816 is a good starting point on the panasonic path. it shares phones and expansion modules with it's larger sibling, and phones from this generation still function on the TDA range with some caveat's

Panasonic Ta-308

The early analogue phone system offering from panasonic, it is not recommended you install one of these, if you still have one we would recommend you invest in a newer system.

If you have one that's playing up, parts are rare, They rarely get removed in working order. we will attempt to source parts but the system is not best known for it's reliability, there are few parts inside the boxes so if the main box is at fault it's generally a case of replacing the whole box

Services Offered for Panasonic Phone Systems

  • We can supply and install new panasonic systems
  • we can service most existing panasonic systems
  • we can supply new panasonic telephones
  • we can supply used pansonic handsets and main equipments for older models