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At Absolute Phone and Data we offer a wide range of services throughout South East Queensland

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faultscablingphone1.pngPhone system Sales, Repairs and Maintenance

We have provided New Phone Systems, Used Phone Systems, Repaired and expanded Phone Systems for more than 2 decades.


New Phone Points, Data Points and TV points for Residential

Should you require new points in your home, we have licensed Technicians that can neatly and efficiently add to your existing cabling

New  Cabling for Businesses

Whether you need one new point for the new employee or hundreds for the new office, we can supply everything you need including Data Racks, Distribution Boxes, cat5e or cat6 cabling.

faultscablingphone3.pngNBN Reconnection for Homes

If you have recently had NBN connected to your home you may still need the existing wiring reconnected too. NBNco techs have strict and seemingly arbitrary rules on where they can place NBN's equipment and this commonly leads to situations where a house has high speed broadband to the worst place in the house

NBN Reconnection for Business

Businesses that have had NBN connected face unique problems not present in homes. Multiple phone lines need to be provided from a single connection where before they arrived via many. not only does the cabling need to be reconnected, but the hardware on site may need to be modified for the new phone lines.