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Making Calls

  • Dial 9 (or 0 in some systems) for an outside line

  • Press the dedicated line key (usually 1-4)

the following errors might occur

  • access denied (you lack permission to use the line)
  • your trunk busy (all lines in the group are busy)
  • unallocated number (misdialling a phone number from an ISDN line)
  • Normal Unspec (the other end terminated the call on a digital phone line)

Answering calls

If the Phone is ringing

  • Lift the handpiece OR
  • press the SPK Key (will answer Handsfree OR headset if enabled)
  • Press the answer key on a cordless headset if equipped

If YOUR phone is not ringing

  • Press the fast flashing line key
  • Dial *9 to answer any incoming line
  • Dial * and the extension number to answer a specific phones call

During a call

Placing a call on hold

  • Press the HOLD key OR
  • Press a designated STATION key for auto hold

Parking a call

  • press one of the assigned Park Keys

Transferring a call

  1. Hold or Park the call
  2. Dial the destination you intend to transfer too
    • this can be an internal OR external call
  3. Press the Transfer key (TRF/FL or TRF)


  1. Hold or Park the call
  2. Dial the additional party
    • These can be internal or External call
  3. Press the DND/CN key (CONF on some phones) to link the new call into the previous
  4. Repeat step 1-3 for each additional call
    • try not to exceed 4 Conferenced calls. some systems handle more than others but line quality will degrade as more audio signals get merged

Retrieving a Call

  • Press the nominated slow flashing line key
  • Press the nominated Park key
  • Dial * and your own extension number (if there is no flashing keys at all)

Retrieving Voicemail

Personal mail

  • If you have NEW messages, Press the flashing MSG key
  • If there are no NEW messages DIAL 86 (VM on your dialpad)

System Mail

  • Press the designated Key for the system mail box as set during installation Contact us for Information regarding your site

Fancy Stuff


  1. lift the handpiece
    • Dial #0 to page all phones and external speakers
    • Dial #9 to page all external speakers
    • Dial #1 to page all phones but NOT the speakers
    • Press the Paging key for the assigned paging function
  2. Hang up by pressing the hook switch then replace the handpiece

On-Hook Announce

  1. Contact a phone internally
  2. Dial 3 to switch from ring to Voice
  3. Yell at other staff for ignoring the phone
  4. Dial 3 again to switch back to ringing

Call Intrusion

  1. Contact the busy phone
  2. When the error tone sounds Dial 0
  3. You have joined the call. simply hang up when you're done

Off Hook Call Announce (Whisper)

  1. Contact the busy phone
  2. when the error tone sounds Dial 1
  3. You can now talk to the target phone without being heard by any other party