PA Systems

Make Yourself heard in all the right places and connect your phone system to youe PA system

Public Address Systems

P.A. systems have many uses. when it comes to phone systems the primary use is paging employee’s for phone calls. however there are many others.

schools use PA systems to operate the bells, long gone are the days of electric bells. many schools also play music via zoned PA systems and  can even link the phone system paging via the PA system so teachers or children can be called for.

large factories use the paging functions as well as timed bells for smoko, lunch and finish times

car yards use PA systems to play music throughout the day, dimmers can then lower the music volume  and allow paging calls to the salespeople to be heard very clearly, before returning the music to it’s original volume

if any of these sounds like something you need, or maybe you just need the people in the factory to hear pages over the equipment, a PA system is what you needs