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hyb_acp1_c5.jpgAccess control

Hybrex offers a range of Access control solutions for the Hybrex GDS and G1E+ phone systems. Access control refers to the range of Digital door phones and intercoms that can also automate door latches and releases.

Access control phones have many uses, hybrex offers 2 major form factors and various subtypes within them the first type is the smaller of the two. it’s about the size of your hand. there are two types in this shape.the ACP 30 and the ACP40.

The ACP 30 is a simple press button design. the client simply presses the bell button and the assigned extensions ring on the phone system. The ACP40 allows users to dial an extension number to contact specific people on site, ideal for unit complexes. both of these devices can drive relays to operate gates or doors compatible with relay operation.

For example an ACP40 could be installed in a foyer and after a client has contacted who they are there to visit. the door can be opened by dialling 0

These two devices can also be equipped with an RFID card reader as seen in these examples. keyfob’s can be programmed into the phone system to allow a fob to open the attached door/gate. the ACP40 can also use manual code entry to open a gate or door

All Hybrex phone system's are NBN compatible

hyb_acpfob_c5.jpgThe next form factor is the rugged stainless steel access control phones These phones have metal buttons, a stainless steel fascia, they can be recessed into a wall or mounted in an optional hooded enclosure

These devices are designed for a rougher environment and are perfect for a carpark intercom or a factory floor. Calls to specific extensions can be made through these phones, simply dial the relevant extension number. the door unit disconnects the call

Hybrex also features software to monitor the uses of keyfobs, cards and security codes so you know exactly who used what doors and when

acp30, doorphone installed card reader

Handsfree Operation


The Hybrex doorstations can be compatible with RFID cards and fobs. the functionality of the rfid chip is assigned through the phone system and can be used to unlatch doors,  or operate automatic doors.

Each chip has it's own serial number and can be tracked for door activations via hybrex's own access control software