GSM Lines

3G, GSM, cellular phone lines can be connected as landlines through an appropriate adapter. for things such as lifts or phones

What is a GSM router?

A GSM router is a device used to give a phone line to an analogue device such as a Phone, Elevator or any number of devices. This is particularly useful in locations that are difficult to cable.

you can also use GSM routers as phone lines for example you may wish to present a mobile number for customers on mobiles to call in on. mobile to mobile can sometimes be cheaper.

GSM routers are available with integrated battery backup so that emergency contact devices have access to outgoing lines. particularly useful in elevator applications especially as NBN disconnects traditional landlines




Capable of providing ONE Analogue phone line output without integrated battery backup. this unit has a magnetic based antenna that can be placed seperately to the unit for a better signal



Provides one PSTN equivalent line to hardware that cannot afford to lose communications during a power outage, specifically Lifts. backup time is 8 hours. The external antenna is on a 3m lead allowing maximum flexibility in it's placement.