Trade Enquiries

Trade Enquiries for Phone system installation including Hybrex, NEC, Panasonic and Mocet, on hold player installation and many other services.

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Trade Enquiries

Buying through us

As a Hybrex dealer we can supply parts and services to your customers on your behalf and our qualified service technicians can maintain the equipment. We have enjoyed a long partnership with hybrex and our technicians can identify faults quickly.

Installing through us

If you have clients opening an office in south east queensland and would like a local installer to handle their needs on your behalf we can offer reduced labour rates and the expertise of technicians trained on phones rather than electricians with a cabling registration. to this purpose we can intall any hardware you provide, or supply the hardware for Hybrex, NEC or MOCET.

We also subcontract our expertise to local installers and electrical contractors looking to add Hybrex NEC or Mocet to their product lineups. Our least experienced tech has been installing phone systems for 15 years.

If you are interested contact us on


PH: 07 5546 9576   Absolute Phone and Data Jimboomba

PH: 07 3849 6291   Absolute Phone and Data Caboolture

PH: 07 3139 1755   Adsolute Phone and Data Ipswich

PH: 07 3333 1723   Absolute Phone and Data Brisbane

PH; 07 5592 1122   Absolute Phone and Data Gold Coast




Subcontracting services we can offer

Hybrex: (Dealer)

  • Installation of whole systems
  • Programming of all models remote or local
  • Supply of additional hardware
  • Installation of upgrades
  • Structured or Open Cabling
  • Firmware updates to IPU, MPU
  • Firmware updates to ISU(n), ITU(n), IP Extensions

NEC: (Sub-Dealer)

  • Installation of Whole Systems
  • Programming of all models locally
  • Installation of upgrades
  • Structured or Open cabling
  • Software updates

Panasonic: (might need latest console for new systems)

  • Installation of Whole systems
  • Programming to all models
  • installation of upgrades
  • Structured or Open cabling
  • Software updates with Support

Mocet: (Dealer)

  • Installation of Whole systems
  • Programing of System, Phones and Softphones, locally or remote where available
  • Installation of additional handsets
  • Preconfiguration of handsets for simplified installation
  • Updates to System and Handsets, Remotely if available
  • PSTN tuning

Most Phone Systems

  • All technicians were trained on Phone systems, and have at least a decade of experience
  • We have experience on more systems than we care to list ranging from mechanical systems right through to completely sip based systems.

Music on Hold:

  • Installation of LIU's to most brands listed on this site
  • Testing and Fault finding
  • We cover most of south east Queensland
  • on-site format conversion if needed

Cabling and Jumpering

  • We can connect phone and DSL services
  • We can test faulty lines or DSL
  • we can test cabling and rectify, repair or replace damaged cabling
  • We can replace corroded frames and modules
  • We can repair broken cabling PAST the network boundary. Repairs to the CAN are outside our license