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Need a new phone point in your house or data point?

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How can we help you with your Home Cabling needs?

Home Phone & Data Cabling  If your moving into a house or unit and are in need to jumper phone points, jumper NBn/ADSL points or install Data/Network points.  Our fully licensed telecommunications contractor’s can assist you with all your cabling needs. For example if your wireless  network keeps dropping out due to poor signal, we can install the network points back to one room, which can then be attached  to your Router/Switch using patch leads.  This allows for a more stable and secure network.

ADSL/NBN Faults and ADSL Connections

ADSL stops working or gets slow for no obvious reason? we can track down these  faults using a ADSL2/NBN tester and verify if they are happening at the MDF (Main distribution  Frame) or between the Carrier’s “A side” or the Customers (ie YOUR) “B side”. if your Carrier  (Telstra, TPG, iiNet, Optus etc) has given you a pair number (such as vertical A pair 22) but not  connected your phone line or ADSL2/NBN service, we can jumper that to your desired socket. If  you have had naked DSL connected alongside an existing phone service, we can add the  necessary sockets to get your new Naked DSL service up and running alongside the original  service Network Boundary Point,

MDF’s and Jumpering

Phone Lines it may surprise you to know that Telstra and other Internet Service Providers are not Obligated  to connect your ADSL2+and NBN service. The carriers responsibility ends at the network boundary,  which for most houses can be a socket inside the home, but in some cases is an exterior  junction box, or in multi tenanted buildings an MDF. in these situations the Carrier merely needs  to make the phone service work at the boundary between their network and yours. If you find  yourself in this situation we can assist you by identifying your cabling and jumpering the  connection. If your carrier has identified a fault on your side of the phone cabling and has  advised you to find an ACMA registered telecommunications contractor to fix it, we can investigate the issue and  either provide a written report verifying the carrier fault, or fix the issue with your cabling if it is a fault within the premises.

External Building

Contact us for a obligation free quote when connecting your home phone lines and ADSL to  external buildings, sheds and granny flats (distance can be a issue if over 80mtrs when  connecting Data).  Our qualified cablers can run either aerial or underground cable between  buildings.  We can also Supply and Install external bell or tone ringer for volume issues to hear  the phone ring on acreage properties. 


The National Broadband Network The NBN is starting to arrive in homes around the country. If you require phone or network cabling in your home in order to take advantage of the impressive speeds it can deliver. Contact us to discuss how you can best utilise this exciting new technology. cat5 and cat6 points(category5e is rated at 100mb/s over 80metres, category6 is rated to 1Gb/s over 80metres)  from the NBNco router to each room can be used to run either phone or data services. However the NBNco router is not subtle  and because of this you may wish it to be installed someplace more discrete and run the houses cabling from there

Replacing cables in  housing units from MDF to individual units

Should your unit complex require an ACMA Registered cabler to replace loop cabling between an MDF and another point we can carry out this work

However is is worth noting that such work is highly variable. quoting jobs like these is not practical in many cases and would only possible for total replacements. Any attempt at reusing existing cabling routes is problematic with cable blockages and breakages