Jumper Phone Lines

Jumper lines from MDF of unit and test ADSL lines

Connected but no dial tone and no ADSL/NBN you may need to get the line jumpered from the MDF to your equipment

An all too common issue nowadays but it's not unexpected, Telstra only authorises their techs to connect phone lines to the first point. if you have an MDF your phone line needs to be jumpered.

It's a simple enough task when everything exists, but the carrier doesn't want to be held responsible for anything that could go wrong.

MDF Jumpering and ADSL/NBN Jumpering also known as A to B  jumpering must be performed by a licence qualified ACMA approved technician

So what happens when we come out to jumper your phone line or ADSL/NBN line?

To make the job as efficient as possible we need two things. Access to the desired socket, Access to the MDF with a tagged line in it. From here we simply put an “F-set” sender at the desired point, access the MDF and use an “F-Set” probe to listen for the wires we need. Once found we run a jumper, a red and white pair of wires, between the located wiring and the tag left by Telstra. If all the planets align this can be done VERY quickly, as quick as a few minutes, more commonly 15 minutes or so. We like to DSL test when relevant so we know the speed at the MDF and the Socket. If the two aren’t close in terms of results, we will offer to investigate further as it’s likely there is a cable fault. If we don’t have access to the MDF, or there is a filing cabinet in front of the socket you intend to use, or the site has IDF’s, the job will take longer. Of course things do go awry occasionally, renovated units seem to lose the phone points somehow, termites eat underground cables and rodents eat the cables in the roof. There has been some flooding recently which damages phone points and there is a tendency for lightning to melt or explode things...which we get a fair amount of in summer. Should any of these occur we will have quite a few issues making the phone work. But we can certainly make efforts to repair these issues.

So how is access to MDF’s and IDF’s arranged?

In multi tenanted premises you should start by contacting the building management or caretaker and asking them. The keys are either with them or with someone trusted on site. it's highly recommended you arrange this prior to our attendance. 

My Telco, RSP or ISP told me to find an ACMA Registered Technician

Then you have succeeded, at Absolute Phone and Data all of our techs have Open cabling registration and Structured Cabling endorsements. Our LEAST experienced technician has been a telephone technician for 15 years.

My ISP told me to find an electrical contractor

Some ISP’s specify you should find an electrical contractor..This is just as likely the wrong thing to do. 100% of electricians are electricians. Not quite as many are registered telecommunications contractors. Those that are may have simply passed a Tafe module and have limited to no experience in actually connecting phone lines, finding cabling faults or testing ADSL/NBN.


Services we provide

MDF Jumpering ADSL and NBN

ADSL NBN Jumpering

Phone Line Jumpering ADSL and NBN

A to B jumpering

A-B phone line jumpering

A to B NBN jumpering

NBN jumpering

We do ADSL and NBN jumpering for all major carriers

ADSL Testingand NBN testing

Phone Line Testing and NBN lines

Connect your existing Phone system to the NBN

NBN phone Systems

NEW Phone Points and NBN connections

New Data Points cat 5 & cat 6

NBN Internal connections

New and used phone system sales and service SE QLD

If you have a problem with your phone lines, data cabling or phone system call us, we will advise if we can repair or fix.

We can connect phone lines in most situations

  • Tagged at the MDF .....
  • Connected on Vertical A ....
  • Telstra has advised it's connected
  • The ISP has confirmed it should work
  • But it doesn't