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t2vmnkqfnw.jpgNEC SL2100

The latest NEC offering for small business phone systems is the NEC SL2100 telephone system, with standard inclusions of many features found in corporate phone systems it offers smart communications for your business at an affordable price.  

One of the NEC SL2100 telephone system's best features is call recording.  How often has you or one of your staff been on the phone and once the conversation has finished realised
that you've forgotten an important piece of information or taken down a phone number incorrectly?  Call recording once programmed on the SL2100 phone system can be started on a phone call at any time with the press of a key.  Once the call has ended, the recording is automatically sent to a specified email and can be opened and reviewed again and again.

Call recording can be used in many applications, information laden conversations can be saved and listened to for further clarity.  No longer worry about taking down incorrect information during a phone call, checking the saved conversation allows you to confirm you have the right details.  Customer complaints or irate customers can be recorded and evaluated.  You are only limited by your imagination as to the many ways call recording may help to streamline your communications and business.  We don't recommend using call recording for legal issues and you should check with the relevant authorities regarding what you can legally do with your recordings.



The NEC SL2100 can support the following hardware configuration

8x Digital Telephone handsets (more with expansions)

4x Sip/VoIP lines (more with software licensing)

4x Mobile phone extensions (more with software licensing)

2x Analogue devices (cordless phones)

2 hours of recording on voicemail

One touch, 60 minute call recording

voicemail forwarded to email

Music on Hold via Internal memory or external source. can use multiple sources for multiple businesses

The Sl2100 is fully NBN compatible and NOT cloud based.n73q2cucdc.jpg


nec_sv8100_c5.jpgNEC SV8100 PHONE SYSTEM

NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 HYBRID PHONE SYSTEM PACKAGE NEC Univerge SV8100 Hybrid Phone system is configured for up to 8 PSTN Lines, 16 Digital Desktop terminals, comes with Voice Mail and Attendant facilities *license included and 16 x DT330 24 Key Digital Terminals with LCD Display and Include Rack Mount Kit (Wall Mount available at additional cost)


 NEC SL 1100 with 3 x 12 button display phones  12 months  manufacturers warranty 

nec_sv8100se_c5.jpgNEC SV8100se PHONE SYSTEM

NEC Univerge SV8100SE Hybrid Phone System is configured for up to 4 PSTN Lines, 8 Digital Desktop Terminals and Analogue Devices.  Comes with Caller ID on PSTN Lines (when activated with your provider) this package comes with 6 x DT330 24 Key Digital Terminals with LCD Display


Aimed at small to medium businesses and the home office, the NEC SL1100 phone system is designed to enable high end communications features at an affordable price.System capacity 4 x lines 8 x digital station and voice mail



 NEC SL1100 with 3 x 12 button display phones 12 months  manufacturers warranty

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The NEC Xen Topaz Telephone system has been designed to meet the needs of small business.  With it’s base configuration of 3 PSTN lines with capacity to expand to 9 PSTN lines and 8 ISDN lines, the NEC Xen Topaz phone system will grow with your business.  With more and more staff you are covered with up to 24 extensions on this phone system with a starting base of up to 8 stations.

NEC services we offer

  • We can supply and install SV9100 and SL2100 Phone systems
  • we can supply and install new phones to suit the SV9100 and SL2100
  • We can supply used nec systems including sv8100, SL2100, Topaz and the Xen range
  • We can supply used parts and phones for Nec Topaz and the Xen range