PSTN Lines

Also known as POTS, PSTN has been the work horse of communications for decades.



Pstn, or Public Switched Telephone Network, is your standard telephone line service. it's the simplest style of telephone line with a decent amount of features.

it has the broadest compatibility but it lacks some of the most useful features of the more modern phone lines

sometimes referred to as POTS

The actual features of PSTN lines vary based on your provider, for the most features on a pstn line choose telstra or a telstra reseller. the following are features of telstra lines but keep in mind many are hidden behind a paywall

  • call forward (diversion)
  • Line Hunt (rotary) business accounts only
  • caller id (monthly premium)
  • conferencing (business lines + monthly premium)
  • Voicemail (messagebank or messages101, they are different services)
  • many more features, these are the most popular
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Pstn line jumpering is something we offer, generally speaking if you connect a phone line to a premises with multiple tenancy's then the carrier will Tag the line at the MDF.

A tagged line is an indication from a carrier (99.999% telstra) that a phone line is ready to be jumpered to it's destination. The carrier is NOT obligated to do that final step.

We are registered ACMA cablers and have been connecting tagged phone lines for decades. give us a call and we an arrange a technician to get the line connected.

If you have a phone system we can even connect the line to the PBX and program it if it happens to be one of the many systems we are qualified in.


New NBN compatible phone system

telstra tag, jumper phone line, jumpering

Telstra Tag, Optus line. 

Most PSTN lines are actually through Telstra

We can perform the following tasks with PSTN lines

  • Jumper new phone lines
  • Test faulty Lines and write a report
  • Connect Lines to sockets
  • Connect lines to phone systems
  • Audit lines for porting to another carrier