ADSL and NBN Faults

ADSL or NBN fibre to the node slow or dropping out? read more and see if we can help

The internet has fast become one of the most useful tools for business and recreation. it helps customers find your business, it helps business expand their market, it helps small business sell their products internationally, and it occasionally stops working.

ADSL & NBN Faults  Repair and Testing

Here at Absolute Phone and Data we've been connecting and maintaining NBN/ADSL connections inside homes and businesses since the technology first hit the country.

As NBN/ADSL itself improved we've endeavoured to keep pace with it by investing in tools that can test it. We currently use DSL and NBN testers that run on batteries that present all of the DSLand NBN service's statistics on a screen. We don't need the usernames or passwords we simply plug into the NBN/ADSL service and get a readout 15 seconds later.

This method of testing allows us to check your line at multiple places quickly and hopefully identify where any fault may be occurring. If we find that the line works just as well inside the premises as at the network boundary we will write up a report for your ISP.

With the rollout of Fibre to the Node, we can now test VDSL(NBN) connections as well as ADSL. fibre to the node services don't deliver a telephone line to your home or business and there is no tones or voltage present. a VDSL(NBN) tester is the only way of checking for an active NBN connection delivered over a standard telephone socket.

MDF Jumpering for NBN and ADSL


It is common practise for an ISP to suggest using a nearby phone to test your sockets for dial tone.

if you have a telephone system DO NOT FOLLOW THIS TEST, advise the call centre employee that you have a telephone system and that test could cause thousands of dollars of damage. because it could.

A digital phone handset is designed to run on 15-30 volts, an analogue telephone can receive voltages as high as 90volts for message waiting. while issues themselves are rare, the potential for undesirable outcomes is high.

Do not use PBX handsets to test dsl faults. the call centre employee is not a registered technician. if they insist ask them for their ACRS or TITAB registration

Press here to arrange a visit from one of our techs mobile phones only

A few things factor into slow internet speed.

  • 610Socket_old phonepoint.pngOlder sockets: The old style 610 socket (the biege thing with the prongs) is prone to corrosion in coastal areas.
  • Too many joints: If the wiring has been joined or passed through multiple sockets the noise and attenuation will climb resulting in reduced speed. 
  • Bad joints: if the wire's do not connect to each other properly they create excessive noise. if it is within the same frequency as the DSL the connection will fail
  • Excessive cable length, every metre of cable reduces the internet's maximum speed.
    Rodent's, termite's, ant's and general cable damage, no-one like's to hear about it, but these guys are good at eating cables, trades people sometimes tread on the cables in roof environments severely damaging them.
  • aerial wiring: can be brought down or stretched to breaking by winds, branches or just swaying back and forth causing metal fatigue