Phone Lines

VoIP, ISDN, PSTN, NBN or even GSM, Your phone system needs lines to work and we can make sure you get the right lines for yours


Public switched telephone network, the normal telephone lines connected in most houses and businesses


Integrated Services Digital Network, digital phone lines who's days have passed but are still mildly superior to PSTN

GSM, 3G, 4G etc

The various forms of cellular network lines, through specialised adaptors these can also be used as landlines.


National Broadband Network, constantly in a state of flux due to political contrivances. when they finally work out what they're doing you can be certain that we'll have solutions that work with it


Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is the most advanced and the most complex line technology yet. this has lead to bad installations tarnishing it's name for some. but a phone call to us can set your mind at ease. our office has been using voip exclusively for the past 5 years without any cause for concern.